Free Tip Walking Tour Genova

What is it ?

SPYRO’S tour is an unofficial free walking tour. A form that we proudly maintain after 10 years so anyone can have the chance to participate and value the tour. Eagerly one of the longest tours of Europe (3-5 hours) gives the opportunity to taste the biggest part of one of the biggest medieval historic centers of Europe.

The target of the tour is to aggregate people through the  experience of living in this glorious Italian city.

In order to become member of our association and participate, one has to fill in a form in one of the hostels for a fee of 1€. Money that will be donated for humanitarian reasons. By now 3’000‎€ have been donated to “Mediterranea Saving Humans” and “Emergency”.

The tour starts from Manena hostel at 10 a.m. Please contact one of the hostels for further information.


Liguria region, Italy

Genoa or better Genova in Italian, is an upcoming touristic city that managed to remain hidden for decades regardless of its glorious past.  A perfect combination of endless nature with an industrial zone and the most densely populated europe’s medieval center. 

A unique place that surprises all of its visitors.

Social Contribution

A big part of the tour is dedicated to social awareness of nowadays local and global problems. By participating one can share his personal reality with people from all around the world. 

Each year all of the participating fees are destined for an active emergency situation. 


Explore Genoa

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